Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What is wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the third molar, which is the last tooth to erupt in the mouth. It usually erupts after 18 years of age.

Why does wisdom tooth cause trouble?

With evolution, the size of our jaws is decreasing. Therefore, often there is not enough space left for the last tooth i.e. the wisdom tooth to erupt in hte mouth. As a result, the wisdom teeth either dont erupt or erupt at awkward angles. Usually, the wisdom teeth are placed in such positons that it is difficult to eat with them and they are very difficult to clean also. This causes cavity in the tooth or in the tooth in front of it. Therefore, more often than not we advice you to remove the wisdom teeth.

Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction

Should all wisdom teeth be removed?

No, if the wisdom tooth is not causing any problem such as pain or decay then we can leave it be. However, in presence of any recurrent problems you are advised to remove the tooth.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

No wisdom tooth removal is not painful. The tooth is numbed before removing. After the procedure you are prescribed pain killers which keeps the pain under control.

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Before the procedure-

Tell your doctor about any medications you may be taking and your health condition.

Always eat and come for the procedure

After the procedure-

Take your medications on time

Start doing warm saline rinses after 24 hrs 5-6 times a day

Avoid alcohol and smoking for 3-4 days after the procedure.

Cost of Wisdom tooth removal

Cost depends upon the complexity of the extraction and varies from 4500-10000 rs per tooth.

Tooth Extraction