Lingual Braces

What are lingual braces?

These are the types of braces which are also known as hidden, concealed invisible kind of braces. These braces are placed on the back side of the teeth or also called tongue side of the teeth. The lingual braces work the same as all the other braces. The only thing is it’s a bit expensive than other standard metal braces. But for someone who is looking for least visible types of fixed braces this is exactly what they are looking for.

Do lingual braces take longer time?

No, it’s not generally necessary that it takes longer time as it is right on par with the normal standard braces. Still the length of time that a patient needs to wear the lingual braces varies among different patients. Most people wear it for the normal course i.e. one to two years. Whereas in some extreme or complicated cases the time taken can be a bit longer.

Will I have problems with my speech?

Yes, during the initial days you will have some problems while speaking. You might have some “lisp” while speaking. The more you will practice talking, the quicker it will resolve. You will be given few words or poems to recite and practice to get your speech and pronunciation better. This problem is very likely to resolve within few days.

Are these lingual braces uncomfortable? Will it hurt?

Any type of braces you wear will be a bit uncomfortable and no it won’t hurt you. You might experience some temporary soreness at the beginning of the treatment due to pressure from the wire. You can take a pain reliever if it’s necessary but better to avoid it. These braces can also rub against your tongue which will cause you some discomfort but you will quickly adapt. But as a precaution some wax can be applied on the braces to cover it n avoid getting hurt to the tongue. Also each time when your braces will be adjusted you might feel a bit discomfort, but it will go away within a matter of hours.

What kind of foods are to eaten or to be avoided during lingual braces?

Generally, you will need to avoid all kinds of sticky or hard food substance as it will damage the braces. You might need to avoid foods like popcorn, chocolate etc that might stick in the braces and cannot be easily removed, resulting in an extra appointment with your orthodontist. You can still enjoy most foods, just cut it in small pieces.

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Why are lingual braces costlier?

In general, the lingual braces costs more than the standard braces and even sometimes it might cost you more than the clear invisalign braces as the brackets are completely custom made just for you. Since the brackets are on the back side of your teeth so it requires much more expertise of your orthodontist and much longer appointment hours.

Can children get the lingual braces?

Yes, children from the age of 8-14 can easily get the lingual braces for their crooked teeth.

Will I have to wear retainer after the lingual braces treatment is finished?

Yes, as with all the orthodontic treatment it will be necessary for you to wear the retainers. It may be either fixed retainer or removable.

Lingual Braces