Discolored teeth

Discolored teeth are one of the most common problems. They happen due to a variety of reasons. After determining the cause of the problem they can be treated. Most common type of discolouration are-

Surface stains and deposits- They occur due to poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking excessive tea, coffee or other staining food and beverages. These type of stains can be treated by professional cleaning and polishing of teeth

Internal stains- These type of stains occur because of excessive fluoride intake, genetic diseases, use of certain medications, trauma to teeth and certain diseases. These stains are present inside the surface of teeth. Depending upon how deep they are present, they are treated by one of the following methods-

Discolored Teeth
Dental Fluorosis

Depending upon how deep the decay is, we can treat it in following ways-

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Discolored Teeth