Teeth Sensitivity

Have you experienced a sharp sensation in teeth when you have anything sweet, cold or hot? This is called sensitivity.

Reasons for sensitive teeth-

  • Wearing away of tooth structure- If the topmost hard layer of enamel gets worn off due to harsh brushing, vomiting, sipping too much soda, bad food habits, attrition or any other reason, it causes sensitivity

  • Decay in teeth. Decayed teeth again expose the inner layers of teeth causing this problem

  • Gum recession. Due to gum disease, the gums attached to the tooth slips away, exposing root of the tooth. This root is not covered by enamel, hence sensitivity occurs.

Teeth Sensitivity
Teeth Sensitivity

What can you do?

Visit your dentist to ascertain the cause of sensitivity. The dentist will prescribe you one or more of the following treatment options-

  • Use of desensitising toothpaste/cream

  • Applying desensitising agent on teeth

  • Applying varnish on teeth

  • Restoration of wear facets or decayed teeth

  • Root canal treatment

  • Treatment of gum recession

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Never just start using a desensitising toothpaste before getting the cause of the sensitivity determined. The desensitising toothpaste will mask your symptoms but the underlying problem will not be solved. Delaying treatment will cause bigger problems in future causing more loss of time, money and health.

Teeth Sensitivity