Missing Teeth

Losing teeth due to decay and gum diseases is very common. Lost teeth if not replaced lead to a variety of problems such as

  • Disturbance of balance of other teeth

  • Changes in bite

  • Movement of teeth in the space of lost teeth

  • Gap creation and food lodgement between other teeth

  • Decay in adjacent teeth

  • Not able to chew properly

  • Does not look good

Therefore it is important to replace the missing teeth.

What are treatment options to replace missing teeth?

There are two methods to replace missing teeth-

  • Removable methods

  • Fixed methods

Missing Teeth
Missing Teeth

What are removable methods of replacing missing teeth?

  • Acrylic Denture

  • Flexible denture

  • Cast partial denture

  • Metal Denture

  • Tooth supported over denture

  • Implant supported overdenture

What are fixed methods of replacing missing teeth?

  • Tooth supported Bridge

  • Single Implant

  • Implant Supported bridge

  • Complete arch replacement with implants, ALL-ON-4, ALL-ON-6

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Wow! So many methods? How do I choose the correct method of replacing missing teeth for me?

The appropriate method of choosing the right replacement method depends on-

  • Number of missing teeth

  • Position of missing teeth

  • Status of remaining teeth

  • Amount of bone present

  • Health of the patient

  • If the patient wants removable or fixed teeth

  • Financial Considerations

Missing Teeth