Pain in wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are third set of molars and usually erupt in adulthood between the age of 16-25.

Why do erupting wisdom teeth cause problem?

With evolution our faces and jaws are getting smaller because of which many times there is not sufficient space for wisdom teeth to erupt. Therefore, wisdom teeth erupt in tilted position or don’t erupt at all. When wisdom teeth erupt in tilted position, it is difficult to keep them clean. Food stuck around the wisdom teeth lead to decay of wisdom tooth, the teeth adjacent to it and cause swelling of gums. This causes majority of problems.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

The procedures done after numbing the area so it is very comfortable. After the procedure some swelling may occur which subsides in 2-5 days. Post treatment pain is easily managed with painkillers and antibiotics.

Pain in wisdom tooth
Pain in wisdom tooth

Do I always need to get my wisdom teeth removed.

No. Wisdom teeth should only be removed if they are causing any of the following problems-

  • Repeated pain and swelling in the area

  • Swelling in surrounding gum

  • Decayed wisdom tooth

  • Decay of tooth in front of wisdom tooth (second molar)

  • No opposing tooth

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If the wisdom tooth is fully erupted in correct position and has a proper opposing tooth then it can be used in chewing and does not need to be removed.

Should wisdom tooth be replaced by artificial tooth?

No. Wisdom teeth need not be replaced by artificial teeth.

Pain in wisdom tooth