What is gum contouring?

It is a cosmetic procedure that helps you in changing the size, shape and contour of you gums. In this procedure the excessive gum tissue that has been giving you a “gummy smile” is being cut away. This treatment can also help in restoring the gum tissue that might have been receded and is now exposing too much of your tooth surface.

Is the gum contouring process painful?

No, gum contouring is usually a pain-free procedure and is mostly done under Local Anesthesia. There will still be some pain after the procedure. You will feel some soreness, tenderness or inflammation after the procedure. But you need not to worry as the recovery time after this process is usually fast and you can manage the discomfort by an over the counter pain killer.

Gum Contouring
Gum Contouring

Can the gums grow back after the contouring?

No, as said it is a permanent cosmetic treatment. Your gums tissue doesn’t regenerate as the other tissues do, so the gums can’t grow back and not even the receding gums. It is only done on your front teeth which is visible while smiling. In some rare cases the gums might grow back but that also in a very-very small amount.

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What should I eat after the gum contouring treatment?

You must eat only soft and cold foods. Avoid eating anything with small pieces on it like with seeds or nuts etc. any kind of spicy or hot food are strictly prohibited as they can inflame the gums and cause discomfort. You will be able to resume your normal diet in less than a week.

Gum Contouring