What is Bioclear?

Bioclear philosophy is a revolutionary new concept of restoring decayed teeth by using novel methods of teeth preparation and heated injectable filling materials.

Is Bioclear better than normal fillings?

Various peer-reviewed research articles have proven that bioclear restrations last longer, stain less and cause less sensitivity than regular filling materials. It is a minimally invasive method and makes the tooth stronger. Bioclear restorations look very aesthetic and are easy to clean.


Why do Bioclear restorations cost more than traditional fillings?

Bioclear restorations require additional tools and materials to be purchased. The dentists also have to invest in courses to learn about the new technique and provide best results to patients.

Although at first the investment may be higher but eventually it will cost a lot less than compared to other fillings as they require much less number of replacements.

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