Resin Infiltration

What is Resin Infiltration used for?

Resin Infiltration is a conservative method for removing white spot lesions caused by fluorosis, early decay or post orthodontic treatment.

What is fluorosis?

Fluorosis is improper formation of topmost layer of teeth (enamel) caused by excessive intake of fluoride in water when the teeth are in their formative stage. It causes white spots, yellow discoloration or pitting of enamel causing teeth to look unaesthetic.

Dental Fluorosis
Dental Fluorosis

How long does Resin Infiltration take?

Resin Infiltration is a one visit treatment taking around 45 mins-60 mins.

Is Resin Infiltration Painful?

No Resin Imfiltration is not painful. Many times even anaesthesia is not required.

How much does Resin Infiltration cost in Delhi, india?

Resin infiltration is much more affordable than fillings or veneers and more conservative of tooth structure.

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What are advantages of Resin Infiltration over other alternatives?

  • More conservative of tooth structure

  • No anaesthesia, no drilling required

  • Doesn't cause loss of tooth structure

  • Affordable

  • Long lasting

  • Can be done in younger patients as well

Dental Fluorosis