Stains and deposits on teeth

Stains and tartar (calculus) deposits on teeth are one of the most frequent causes of discoloured teeth, bad breath and gum problems.

These deposits occur due to improper oral hygiene maintenance. Patients tell us that despite brushing twice daily, they still get frequent deposits. In that case, it might be possible that your brushing technique is improper or you are not flossing.

Stains and deposits on teeth
Stains and deposits on teeth

Can we remove tartar and stains by brushing?

Tartar is a hard deposit and once it collects on teeth it is not possible to remove it with brushing. However once you get it professionally removed, you can keep it away with proper brushing.

How to remove stains and tartars?

Stains and tartar can be removed by professional cleaning using ultrasonic scalers and air polishing with blaster.

Blaster is a painless, non contact way to remove stains in easy and efficient manner.

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What will happen if I don’t get tartar removed?

Apart from looking bad, tartar is responsible for causing bad breath and gum diseases. If tartar remains on teeth it leads to gum recession, bone loss and tooth mobility.

Does cleaning damage teeth?

On the contrary not cleaning damages teeth. Cleaning teeth does not cause gaps, damage to teeth or mobility in teeth. It is completely safe.

Stains and deposits on teeth