In today’s time lots of people are interested in teeth whitening. By brightening your smile you can increase your personal confidence. Teeth whitening are popular anti-aging procedure, as well. But what if you have tried teeth whitening before, with mixed or insufficient result?

If you’ve undergone the anxious waiting process and your smile still isn’t white: don’t worry, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there’s not just a single reason why your treatment may not be working. Usually Zoom teeth whitening at Veda Dentistry gives 5-8 shades whiter teeth in just an hour. But the reason it might not have worked for you are-

The truth is not all teeth or stains respond to whitening. How you prepare and what whitening products you use can really make all the difference. Let’s discuss some of the most common reasons for a failed whitening procedure and discuss effective alternatives.

  • A good whitening system or product has not been used by you or your dentist. The product may have expired, may be of inferior quality or simply isn't strong enough

  • Your Teeth Aren’t Clean: whitening products work on clean teeth not teeth covered with plaque or calculus. Always get your teeth cleaned before going for whitening.

  • You have too many dental Restorations: Dental restorations, such as crowns or veneersor fillings, do not respond to tooth whitening.

  • Intrinsic stains: Stains present deep inside the tooth surface require multiple appointments to lighten or they may not lighten completely.

  • Type of stain: Yellow brown stains respond well to whitening, greyish stains respond lesser.

What to do if your discoloration is not responding to bleaching? Read here.