Our teeth can become dull or discolored for many reasons because of the food we eat, beverages we enjoy, smoking some medication we take, even aging can make our tooth dull, yellow or gray. Two mays to get whiter and brighter teeth are teeth whitening or veneers. Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide which one is best for you!

What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is commonly performed procedure in dentistry which involves application of bleaching agents to whiten your teeth. It is minimally invasive procedure that does not have any strict candidacy requirements. Whitening is great for people who otherwise satisfied with their smile but want to get brighter or whiter smile. People usually go for whitening before job interviews, marriage etc. But if YOU have poor oral hygiene it can inhibit whitening treatment. Application of bleaching agent to unhealthy tooth can lead to pain or sensitivity, so it is advised to undergo corrective treatment first. If you have tough stains (intrinsic stains), then you may not achieve the desired results. In such cases veneers is of the best for your smile makeover.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneer is a hard coating that covers the front surface of tooth. If you have deeper discoloration which do not go with whitening, then veneers are the choice for you!

Veneers are for the people who would want smile makeover to change their size, shape, color and position of their teeth, not just the shade. But if you only want simple whitening then, zoom whitening is the best choice for you!

Tooth Whitening vs Dental Veneers:

  • For Tooth Whitening no reduction of tooth structure is requires where as for Veneers teeth need to be reduced slightly

  • Zoom Whitening can improve up to 5-8 shades where as in Veneers can be done in whatever shade you require.

  • Zoom Whitening works best for yellow or discolored tooth where as Veneers work on all type, even on old restorations.

  • Zoom Whitening is cost effective whereas veneers are a great one-time investment, given their life and results.

  • Whitening changes only color of teeth whereas Veneers changes Size, shape, position and color of the teeth.

  • Zoom Whitening lasts for 1-5 years whereas Veneers can last long time 10-12 years or even life time.

So, the bottom line is both Zoom Whitening and Veneers have their own indications. Always consult a good cosmetic dentist before going ahead with any treatment. They would suggest you the best treatment option according to your needs and expectations.