Student didn't want to join college

Sulakshana* was a bright and ambitious girl who had always been confident and outgoing. She developed decay in her teeth and got them filled somewhere. However, the fillings soon started discoloring. They made her feel embarrassed and ashamed, and she began to avoid smiling or laughing in front of others. Sulakshana's self-esteem began to suffer. She stopped hanging out with her friends.

She didn't even want to join college because of that. She felt like she didn't fit in and that no one would accept her because of her patchy teeth.

Her parents noticed her change in behavior and asked her what was wrong. She was hesitant to tell them, but eventually, she opened up and shared her concerns about her teeth. Her parents reassured her that they loved her no matter what and that they would help her get the dental work she needed.

Sulakshana came to see us and for porcelain veneers. We counselled her to first get these old restorations corrected through bioclear method. Having had a bad experience with fillings before, she did not want to get them done. We suggested that anyway before doing the veneers, we had to change the restorations. If she likes the results she can let it be if not, then she can go for veneers.

After the restorations, Sulakshana was ecstatic with the results and did not feel the need of veneers.As her teeth improved, so did her self-esteem. She is now enjoying her time at the college without the fear of being judged and can't stop talking and smiling at home.