“We will see our friends again, we will be with our again, we will see each other again”

Our leaders have been telling us that we will succeed in our fight against coronavirus soon.

Week Six

  • It has been week six, of not seeing our friends and family. The start of week six for us not seeing our patients.

  • I’ve spoken to many of our patients over the past couple of weeks.

  • Some, to give advice and some just to check in with and see how they are doing.

  • I cannot wait to get back to see you all. I am of course very grateful to be safe at home and for the extended time I am spending with my family.


In the meantime we are equipping ourselves with PPE, training for the new way in which dentistry will be practiced henceforth. We are in talks daily with industry leaders to develop new protocols for dentistry in the Post-Covid era where we will make sure that all of us are protected even from the most virulent viruses.

Dentistry is going to change and how.. more on that in sometime. Until then stay safe and keep smiling. And call us if you have any problem :)