All day long in home + Increased stress + changed routine = sweet tooth = cavities = toothache

When we are at home we have more ready access to sweets and all kind of food at home. It is important to be conscious of what we are eating.

  • It’s important not to treat your mouth as bin. Although we should not waste food but be mindful of your health as well

  • Avoid rewarding yourself with sugary treats. Instead, reward yourself with a hot bath, a nice walk or other fun activity

  • Avoid snacking because of boredom - recognise it and replace it - with another activity. Drink water for example whenever you want to pop something in your mouth.

  • Take advantage of isolation and don’t buy the sugary treats in the first place - with the number of times you visit the supermarket dwindling, this is a fool proof tactic!

  • Enjoy your sweet treat once in a while! – moderation can help prevent excess and satisfy our binges.. we are humans after all :)

If you do have toothache, remember we you can reach out to us 9318481183.