Did you know refined and processed food apart from being unhealthy, is also a major cause of tooth decay amongst kids.

Being a mother myself, I realize how difficult it is to keep kids away from refined and processed food.

So how do we ensure that our kids don't develop painful and unsightly decay in teeth while consuming such diet? Well there are 2 vey simple methods-

1. Regular application of fluoride varnish. Varnish if applied every six months on kids' teeth prevent developement of decay. I use it for my daughter regularly. What is best is it is a quick 5 minute procedure and no anaesthesia is required.

2. Dental Sealants- The first permanent molars are the teeth most frequently affected by tooth decay. So make sure as soon as these teeth erupt, you get them sealed witha pit and fissure sealant. 

Both these methods are research approved and can save you time and money incurred in future dental treatment.

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