Whiter teeth can boost the confidence and make your smile appear healthier on outside. Today many people are keen on beautifying their smile by various procedures, one of which is tooth whitening. Teeth whitening is very simple procedure which may get your teeth whiten up to 8 shades. So even if the teeth are decayed, many prople approach us for whitening the teeth instead of restoring them first.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening can not be done on decayed teeth. But why?

1. Decayed teeth if whitened, cause lot of sensitivity.

2. Also, if you whiten the teeth after restoring it, the tooth gets whitened but filling does not, causing color mismatch.

So, how can you get your teeth whitened when they are decayed?

  • Step 1: Get a temporary filling on the decayed teeth.

  • Step2: Get your teeth whiten (temporary filling prevents the bleaching gel from reaching the nerves).

  • Step 3: Replace with permanent filling after 2 weeks. (Shade of the teeth settles in 2 week and the filling sticks better to the teeth.