With lockdown lifting, many people have started going back to "normal". But this pandemic has changed us.. Being in lockdown hasn't been easy, but surprisingly I have realized that some things about the lockdown could be continued. We had come to accept a certain way of life as "nomal" but this lockdown has shown us a different way of living. We went back to the way of living, which in some ways, we had only had only heard about from our parents and grandparents..

For some of us, going back is not an option.. those who have lost loved ones, people who have lost jobs. But for a few previliged ones, this time period has offered a rare glimpse on our lives from a different perpective and an opportunity to reset it.

1. Less Consumerism

I realized most of my spending was "want based" rather than "need based".. on things that gave instant gratification rather than lasting happiness. With less eating out, we develpoed a taste for home cooked food. We had to repair rather than throw things which didnt work as ther was no option of buying new stuff. Spending time with spouse was taking a walk in thee park and not going to a movie.

2. Slowing down

Throughout our lives we have been running around for the "right jobs", to attend the "right events". We have been busy in our own bubbles of hyperactive productivity.. but to what end? The more you have, the more you want. For some, it might be for attaining a certain status in life and for some,they have been running just for FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). And then you realize that in the pursuit of the never ending, you have compromised what really matters.. your well being and your relationships. Al this running for a better life has really made us more miserable as we stopped doing the things that we really enjoy. This lockdown was an opportunity to go back to our hobbies and to connect with loved ones.

3. Healthier Living

Finally we had the time to exercise, meditate, eat good home cooked food and look after ourselves.

4. Appreciating what matters

I am really happy when I am at my clinic, treating my patients. It is really "my zone". I missed it so much in the lockdown. The "freedom" to go anywhere, meet friends and family, travel...

When things are taken away fom us, we realize if it really mattered to us or not. I hope we dont go back to "normal". The "new normal" might have some advantages of its own!