Teeth whitening is an easy way to improve your lookks and confidence. White teeth signify good hygiene and help you smile more confidently and uninhibitedly. Be it a job interview, a wedding or any other event a quick teeth whitening ups your confidence game!

On top of it, Teeth whitening procedure is really pocket friendly as well. It can range anywhere between 6000 to 23000 rs depending upon the type of whitening chosen by you.

At Veda Dentistry, aesthetic dental clinic in Delhi, we offer several types of whitenings-

  • Customized home whitening kit

  • In office whitening

  • Phillips Zoom Whitening

  • In office whitening + home whitening kit

  • Zoom whitening + home whitening kit

What is the difference between Zoom whitening and In office whitening?

Zoom whitening uses a patented technology which provides 5-8 shades whiter teeth which lasts from 1-5 years. Wheras, regular in-office whitening provides a shade jump of 3-5 shades which lasts for 9-12 months.

How can I prolong my teeth whitening?

You can prolong teeth whitening results by avoiding staining foods, avoidinn smoking and regular touchups with either a customized home whitening kit or in-office whitening!

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