Smile designing is a broad term that includes different procedures needed to give you the PERFECT SMILE! Some commonly done procedures are-

  • Aligners/ Braces - To move crooked teeth in the correct position

  • Teeth Whitening - To correct the colour of teeth

  • Veneers (Bioclear/ Porcelain )- To correct the size, shape, colour and to little extent position of teeth

  • Implants - To replace missing teeth

  • Fillers/ Botox - to correct lip shape

  • Gum contouring - to correct the shape of gums

There are numerous other procedures such as crowns, bridges, cosmetic contouring, micro abrasion, resin infiltration, periodontal plastic surgeries etc which are done to enhance the teeth.

Every person is unique. Their smiles are unique and their requirements are different too. Hence, Smile designing is a highly bespoke treatment done carefully to suit YOUR needs.

Two smile makeovers never cost the same. The best way to know the investment required in your smile makeover is to take consult with your cosmetic dentist, who will carefully analyse your smile, understand your needs and suggest you a plan that suits your budget and needs.

Still, for those of you who want to know a figure, A smile makeover can cost anywhere between 5000 rs to 5 lac rupees.