Many of you have heard the term ‘Fluorosis’, but what exactly is Fluorosis? Fluorosis is a condition which mainly affects the surface appearance of your teeth, not the function or health of your teeth. They are caused by exposure to overtly high quantities of fluoride in the first eight years of life. They may appear as tiny white barely visible spots to a very noticeable staining, discoloration, and brown markings on the teeth.

Dental Fluorosis: it is disorder which affects the teeth of young children at or below the age of eight. You way ask why below the age of eight? It is because at this age permanent teeth are developing. Fluorosis affects the formation outer surface of the tooth i.e., enamels. It can cause permanent changes in the enamel. They may be of varied range of visuals depending upon the severity of exposure; Mild, Moderate or severe.

What cause Dental fluorosis?

It is most commonly caused by drinking ground water from the area which has high fluoride content.

How to prevent Dental Fluorosis?

Use RO water purifier to remove excess fluoride from drinking water. Use only recommended quantity of fluoridated toothpaste to brush kids’ teeth.

How do i know if your child has fluorosis?

Mild to moderate fluorosis may appear as white opaque patches scattered on the surface of teeth, though white patches may be of various other reasons. In moderate form all surfaces are mottled and may appear worn out with frequent brown stains. In severe form enamel has confluent pitting and evident brown staining with corroded appearance. If you are concern about your child, it is best to have your child checked by dentist. It is recommended to have your child’s first dental visit by first birthday, as the risk of fluorosis decreases by the age of 8.

Does dental fluorosis permanently damage your teeth?

Fluorosis permanently changes the appearance of the teeth. Mostly fluorosis doesn’t cause dental caries or damage the teeth. Mostly fluorosis is in mild to moderate form. Treatment of fluorosis mostly is of aesthetic concern.

  • Mild cases: resin infiltration.

  • Moderate: micro-abrasion.

  • Severe: dental bonding, veneers, crowns.

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dental fluorosis delhi cosmetic dentist dr shruti goel veda dentistry and cosmetology dental porcelain veneers

Fortunately, many dental fluorosis cases are more of aesthetic concern than health. However, in severe dental fluorosis, the teeth may become more prone to decay because of pitted enamel or absence of enamel.

However, if you are concern about discoloration of teeth due to fluorosis, or any other cause and if you are interested in cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth. You can contact us @ Veda dentistry and Cosmetology on 9318481183. We are based in Delhi, India.