If you have a dental problem no matter how small then get in touch sooner rather than later

I am speaking to our patients and recently i have had a number of questions like these …

  • “Its not too important but…”

  • “I see new cavities starting to develop”

  • “I am feeling sensitive to cold water”

People are apologising for calling me. Please… there is no need to apologise. This is our job. You are not bothering us. You can call me for any problem, no matter how small. We can help you stop that small problem from turning into a big one.

I have been able to talk to people about (through the comfort of their own homes)

  • Solving their immediate pains

  • in preventing existing dental problems to deteriorate

  • How would they like their smile to look and what their options are.

Anxious patients

I’ve found virtual consults are very helpful for people who have been avoiding dentists for years. Meeting the person who is going to be your dentist without entering the practice, seems to put a lot of people at ease. Whatever your concern is please don’t be embarrassed. We love helping nervous people get back the confidence they deserve.

Look after yourself. We are here for you-

Remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones. We are here for you in more than one way-

  • Whatsapp us at 9318481183

  • Call us at 9318481183