Have you ever you ever experience sharp pain when you eat or drink hot tea or cold smoothie or when you eat your favourite sweets? It is because of sensitivity!

Hot and cold doesn’t seems anything thing similar, but both elicit sharp pain when taken. It’s because of sensitivity, because our brain monitors thermal extremes in similar way.

Tooth sensitivity is trigger by hot and cold occurs when protective layer is of enamel wear off. This exposes the inner layer of dentin which stimulates nerve when expose to heat and cold. Same thing happens when root covering the cementum is exposed.

Reasons for sensitive teeth:

  • Decay in teeth:  decayed teeth expose the inner layer of teeth causing sensitivity.

  • Wearing of tooth structure: the top most layer of teeth i.e. enamel gets worn of due to hard brushing, vomiting, sipping too much sodas, bad food habits, attrition or any other reasons.

  • Gum recession: due to gum disease, the gums attached to the tooth slips away, exposing root of the tooth. This root is not covered by enamel, hence sensitivity occurs.

  • Tooth injury: like bruised tooth or chipped tooth.

According to the cause, the dentist will recommend you one or more of the following treatment options.

  • Use of desensitizing toothpaste or cream on the tooth surface.

  • Apply desensitizing agent on teeth

  • Applying varnish on teeth

  • Restoration of wear facets or decayed tooth

  • If required root canal treatment followed by crown.

  • Treatment of gum recession will reversed the sensitivity.

  • Use of soft bristle brush, and brush gently on all tooth surfaces.

  • Avoid eating or drinking acidic food until the underlying cause is resolved. As acidic food or drinks triggers sensitivity when combined with hot and cold.

Never just start using desensitizing toothpaste before getting the cause of the sensitivity determined. The sensitizing tooth paste will mask your symptoms but the underlying problem will not be solved. Delaying treatment will cause bigger problem in future causing bigger problem in future causing more loss of time, money and health.