Do-it-yourself teeth whitening? Does it really work?

All of us at one time or other worry about our yellow teeth.. maybe an important function is coming up, or some important event at work where you have to be in front of many people and want to put your best foot forward.

The first instinct is to google "how to whiten teeth at home". And voila we see many 'Gurkhas' which ask you to rub baking powder, salt, charcoal, lemon, turmeric, dal chini and whatnot on your teeth.

You even try a whitening toothpaste. but nothing seems to work!! Why??

Because all these methods either abrade your enamel or are simply not powerful enough to whiten your teeth substantially!

Don't forget, teeth are the hardest material in the human body. So it's understandable that these wouldn't work.

If these methods were just ineffective, I wouldn't bother to warn you about them.. but along with being ineffective, they are HARMFUL

As I mentioned earlier, most of these agents are abrasive. That means they wear away the topmost layer. Prolonged use or overuse in the zeal to see 'some' results can cause thinning of teeth causing sensitivity and teeth looking even yellower.

If you want to whiten your teeth, always consult your dentist. We have several methods such as home whitening kit, in-office whitening, and zoom whitening which are both effective, long-lasting and safe.

Beautiful, clean and white teeth are just 45 minutes away.