To stop the spread of COVID-19, many dentists are closing their clinics. But the closure of clinic is largely for 'elective' dental procedures.

What are elective dental procedures?

Elective procedures are those which can wait for right now and not causing you any problem. Such as teeth cleaning, cosmetic procedures, minor decays etc.

What are necessary procedures/ emergencies?

  • Severe pain

  • knocked out tooth

  • cracked/fractured tooth

  • swelling

  • any other problem causing difficulty in day to day work

What to do if something is troubling you?

We are available on Call, video call, text, our social media handles. You can reach out to us anywhere. We can assess the issue on call, prescribe any required medications, assess your case and even call you for treatment if required.

Don't worry we are available and we are there for you!

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